Why Braveheart is the Best Movie Ever Made

Braveheart is the best movie ever made because it contains all of the elements that comprise a good movie. For example:

  • Action: Fights, horse races, strong language, you name it.
  • Violence: Very graphic. Check out when William Wallace kills Mornay with the ball and chain.
  • Revenge: Nobody crosses Wallace and lives.
  • Suspense: You never know what Robert the Bruce is going to do or whose side he will choose.
  • Love: “They killed the woman he loved” is perhaps the greatest motivator in the history of movies.
  • Sex: Murren AND the princess. Jeah son!
  • Humor: Tell me you didn’t laugh when Longshanks threw the prince’s boyfriend out the window.
  • Redemption: Robert the Bruce finally makes up for being a punk.
  • Quotes: “I could crush you like a worm” said in a bad Scottish accent rocks!

Point is, if you haven’t seen it yet, for whatever reason, go pick it up. You won’t regret it.

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