The Glitter Trap – The Absolute Best Office Practical Joke There Is

What’s the best thing about working in an office? Playing immature pranks on your coworkers! The more annoying and stupid, the better it is. However, there is one practical joke that will top all of the others – the glitter trap. The glitter trap is perfectly suited for an office, as they tend to have those false ceiling panels. The beauty of the thing is that your victim causes their own demise; this means they cannot under any circumstance blame you! Basically, when they move a set object, they release the trap and glitter (or paper clips, thumbtacks, or fishing bait – your preference) falls on their head.

Instructions for setting up a traditional glitter trap:

1) Take a drawer out of someone’s desk and attach strong fishing line to the back of it. Put the drawer back in.
2) Run the fishing line down the desk, along the floor, up the wall and to the ceiling.
3) Attach the fishing line to the edge on one of the false panels in the ceiling directly over your victim’s head.
4) Put a pile of stuff that is going to fall on their head on the panel and put the panel back into place, making sure that is not in the groove so it will move easy.
5) When the victim opens the drawer, it will pull the fishing line, which will pull the panel back, causing the junk to fall on their head.
6) Laugh uproariously and call them stupid for opening “the danger drawer”.

Since they were the one who caused the damage, they cannot be mad at you, but they will probably blame you anyway. As with all practical jokes, you should have an alibi ready to go before you start. I’m a big fan of the evil twin excuse myself and use it quite frequently. I have included a diagram below to illustrate the setup. Have fun!

jerk gets stuff dumped on their head.

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