Fish Tank Battery WinterBoard Theme for iPhone

So I got bored and decided to create a battery theme for my iPhone. I wanted to make it look like an aquarium; as the battery level goes down, the water decreases, until eventually the poor fish dies. A little cheesy, but I think it's cool 🙂 It's been downloaded times so far.

The theme supports HD (retina) displays, as well as older SD displays, and does not require SummerBoard mode. To install it, you will need a jailbroken iPhone and WinterBoard installed. You can find it in Cydia by searching, "Fish Tank Battery" or by using the download links below.


Like It?

This theme is available to download for free. If you like it, then feel free to buy me a beer 🙂


fishtankbattery-screenshots1 fishtankbattery-screenshots3 fishtankbattery-screenshots5

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